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Publication Date Tuesday, February 9, 2016
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With the Health Ministerial Decree n.195 of August 6, 2015, updating the Ministerial Decree 21.03.1973, important changes have been introduced in the verification procedure for determining the compliance of stainless steel articles designed to contact food substances.
The first change concerns kitchen and table cutting cutlery for which new conditions of tests have been established in order to be more representative of the actual use of the articles: test of overall and specific migration will be conducted with the new conditions proposed.
In particular:

  • Three successive attacks of 30 minutes at 70° C with 3% acetic acid in aqueous solution with determination of overall migration and specific migration of chromium, nickel and manganese on the solution coming from the third “attack”.

Another change is referred to articles designed to be used in contact with water only. In this case, migration tests can be performed at the following conditions:

  • Three successive attacks of 30 minutes at 100° C with distilled water with determination of overall migration and specific migration of chromium, nickel and manganese on the solution coming from the third “attack”.

Until the introduction of the new amendment, the tests in the above cases had to be carried out by means of repeated contact (three successive attacks) of 30 minutes at a temperature of 100° C with 3% acetic acid in aqueous solution.
The amendment is in force from December 26, 2015: all items submitted after that date may be evaluated against the new conditions, less stringent of the previous conditions.

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