UL-EU Mark is intended for use on products destined for the European marketplace. It means that UL has evaluated representative samples of a product or component and determined that those samples comply with the UL-EU Mark service requirements.

The UL-EU Mark appears on a product or component with a manufacturer’s identification, i.e., company name or trademark as well as a product or component model number. In some circumstances, the UL-EU Mark may be combined with other UL Marks if a product or component has also been certified by UL as compliant with the requirements established for the other UL Marks.

References to UL-EU Mark
Sample correct references Incorrect references
“UL certified to EN standards and UL-EU Mark service requirements.” “UL Listed” or “UL Listed for Europe.”
“This product is certified to applicable European (EN) standards and UL-EU Mark service requirements.” “This product has earned the UL-EU Mark.”
“This product is certified by UL. Representative samples of this product have been evaluated by UL and comply with applicable European (EN) standards and UL-EU Mark service requirements.” “UL-EU Mark certification pending.”

The certification applies to end products or components that meet the requirements for the UL-EU Mark. No claims should be made that imply your company itself is in any way “Certified” or “Approved” by UL.

Enhanced UL Certification Marks

Enhanced UL Certification Marks

The enhanced UL Certification Mark now bundles multiple Certifications into a single Mark; utilizes a unique identifier for easier access to information at www.ul.com/database; communicates geographic scope of certification through country codes; and describes the attributes that UL has Certified about a product.

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